Short-sighted Tory energy policies could undo years of effort

Noam Bergman, University of Sussex; Lee Stapleton, University of Sussex, and Mari Martiskainen, University of Sussex

The new Conservative government is letting slip its commitments to renewable energy and climate change mitigation. The bad decisions keep coming, and don’t add up to a policy strategy consistent with the UK’s emissions and efficiency targets, and more generally with fighting climate change.

Last week, the government announced it would scrap the zero carbon homes target for 2016. The target was announced a long time in advance (in 2006), and nine years of industry commitment could now be lost. This is a huge setback in the path to a low carbon UK, and undermines the credibility of government energy and climate policy.

This follows the abolition of the Energy Efficiency Deployment Office immediately after the May elections. The office was seen as a potential game-changer just three years ago, and this move could reduce energy efficiency to the secondary and marginal role it played in the past.

Power down

Tough sell to campaigners for Amber Rudd, Secretary of State.
Department of Energy and Climate Change, CC BY-ND

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Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Events

Drop-in sessions are being held over the summer for you to contribute your views on what happens in your local area in terms of location, size, pace and design of developments. This is a great opportunity for you to have your say and ask questions, whether you live, work or visit the Chew Valley area.

If you have an opinion about fracking or what type of renewable/ low carbon energy you would like to see in the area then why not make your views known. This is your chance to shape the future of your community. You can fill out a questionnaire, attend a drop-in session or comment on-line – see

The public consultation sessions are:

Saturday 25th July 10am to 1pm at East Harptree Theatre

Wednesday 12th August 6pm to 9pm at Chew Valley School

Friday 4th September 7pm to 10pm at Ubley Village Hall

See you there!