Lancashire News, GWPF Response

Lancashire News

Today Lancashire Council refused planning permission for Cuadrilla’s application to drill and frack near Preston New Road near Blackpool in what may be a watershed moment for the industry in the UK, although Cuadrilla may still appeal the decision. Read all about it in the Telegraph and the Guardian.

It is not over yet though. Lord Lawson’s climate skeptic fossil fuel lobby organisation the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)  (not to be confused with Lord Lawson’s climate skeptic fossil fuel lobby organisation the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)) immediately called for shale gas to be treated as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects to enable Ministers to override local decisions. The GWPFs are at the forefront of the UK’s pro-fracking, climate change denial propaganda machine and work closely with local journalist Christopher Booker in churning each others’ news stories through the press. Booker has also written a number of the GWPF’s reports. In 2014 the Charities Commission ruled that the GWPF was guilty of breaking its rules by blurring fact and comment, which led to the split between the GWPF (10 Upper Bank St, London) and the GWPF (10 Upper Bank St, London). In 2012 Sir David Attenborough said of Lawon’s climate views that “Certainly I think that most people would recognise that Lawson is up a gum tree“.

Lord Lawson sits on the Lords Economic Affairs Committee which has promoted fracking through its various reports.

No confusion then between the GWPF and the GWPF or Lord Lawson’s role running pro-fracking lobby organisations and his role as a member of the House of Lords influencing law making around fracking.


One thought on “Lancashire News, GWPF Response

  1. So, let’s understand how this works – Govt says local communities should have the final say in deciding if on-shore wind farms are built in their area, but when it comes to roads, nuclear power stations and fracking wells, central government is allowed to overrule local opposition “in the national interest”

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