Government’s statutory advisor’s position on the ‘dash for gas’

It is worth reminding ourselves of the position on the ‘dash for gas’ of the government’s statutory advisor on climate change:

“The Committee on Climate Change presents new analysis showing that there are significant economic benefits from investing in a portfolio of low-carbon technologies through the 2020s rather than investing in gas-fired generation.

The report finds that investment in a portfolio of low-carbon technologies could save consumers £25-45 billion, rising to £100 billion with higher gas and carbon prices.

Only if the world abandons attempts to limit risks of dangerous climate change would a strategy of investment in gas-fired generation through the 2020s offer significant savings.

This conclusion is robust when possible impacts of shale gas on the gas price are accounted for.” See here.

Where is David Cameron and Jacob Rees-Mogg’s analysis that the opposite is true? Or have they already abandoned attempts to limit the risks of dangerous climate change? See here.