Balcombe !

You can’t have missed the news from leafy Balcombe where Caudrilla are pushing ahead with test drilling. Caudrilla are perhaps the most prominent of the new unconventional gas companies. Caudrilla’s PR advisors are Bell Pottinger who are keen to tell you about the communication challenges of shale gas. As they say themselves if they don’t gain the ‘social licence to operate’ then ‘it is not going to work’. It seems that they have really got a lot of work to do.

This is the same PR company which put its foot in it by letting on that Caudrilla has done the sums and come to the conclusion that any reduction in gas prices would be ‘insignificant’. Perhaps they should tell our MP what everybody else already knows.

There are plenty of news and internet reports on Balcombe, not least the Frack-Off site.