US Shale Gas, UK Jobs (lost)

The story so far on UK shale gas job seems to be:

  1. Shale gas boom in the USA reduces gas prices
  2. Cheap dirty gas displaces less cheap, dirtier coal
  3. US CO2 emissions go down
  4. The price of US coal goes down
  5. Rather than leaving the coal in the ground the US exports more than 50% of the displaced coal to Asia and Europe, where it is burnt, more than offsetting the US emission reductions (when added to the gas emissions)
  6. In the UK we burn cheaper US coal and our emissions go up
  7. Global emissions go up
  8. UK coal becomes uncompetitive with cheap US coal
  9. 600 UK miners loose their jobs

See Prof Kevin Anderson speaking in the video below, and Scottish Coal cuts 600 jobs at mines in Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Fife

The power of market forces. The way to make market forces work in our energy sector is to set the carbon intensity of electricity generation and then let the technologies compete to be the most carbon and price efficient. An amendment to the Energy Bill, if successful, will set the carbon intensity at 50g of carbon dioxide per kilo watt hour generated by 2030. This is an opportunity to write to your MP to urge them to support the amendment and make a difference.